• ClientSun International - The Maslow Hotel
  • AgencyOgilvy & Mather - Redworks
  • Year2015
  • RoleArt Director
  • SkillsAdobe CC | Concept | Design
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The Brief

SERENITY - [ /SɪˈRƐNɪTɪ/ ] noun (pl) -ties

  • 1. The state of being serene; calmness; peacefulness.
  • 2. A lack of agitation or disturbance.

  • Maslow needed to launch their new, authentic and customise blend of tea. We where tasked to develop a signature brand that reflects the Maslow's distinctive character, yet could stand on its own. The only requirement was to carry through the old maslow logo within this new identity.

    Serenity - The state of being serene, calmness, peacefulness. Serenitea was without a doubt the perfect name to describe the aroma of this custom blended tea. A fusion of Serenity, Tea and the Maslow logo, blend the brands together.